Talents for Flights


Courses Conducted

Course Infromation

1. Ground - School (12 weeks)

As a professional pilot, it is required to ensure that all pilots have a thorough understanding of the complete systems and rules to follow that contributed towards the safe operation of an aircraft. Therefore all students shall start with an intensive program of classroom before start flying. It is known as “ Ground - School ”. The student must pass 8 initial subjects to be able to start PPL flying.

2. Flight Training (PPL 11 weeks / 44:15 hrs)

Students then progress to the existing flight training stage consisting of practical flying training with DA-40 NG , single engine aircraft equipped with advanced glass cockpit until completion of PPL.

3. Integrated Training (CPL Ground training 10 weeks + CPL Flight Training 100:45 Hrs & Simulator 30 Hrs / 40 weeks).

After completion of PPL training, the course will continue CPL training. It is constructed two phases. First one is Ground training phase in which students are to learn altogether 17 subjects for 14 papers of exam which wil covers ATPL syllabus. And the second one is combined academic and flying training to succeed the CPL.

4. Flight Training for CPL / IR (18 weeks / 25 Hrs).

Then the flight training will continue on the Diamond 42 Twin Engine Aircraft equipped with G 1000 glass cockpit to qualify instrument rating.

5. Summary

Total Course Duration: 91 weeks.
Qualification Gained: CPL / IR, ATPL (Frozen)